The Jungle: Inside Calais' Refugee Camp


Over the last year I’ve felt increasingly helpless here in the UK after watching the increasingly extraordinary plight of those less fortunate than us heading to Europe.

Just like me, most of us have learned about the severity of the refugee crisis from the comfort of our news feeds. But others have put themselves on the frontline of this seemingly never-ending catastrophe.

I met up with The Worldwide Tribe, a team who run a travel blog which aims to bring to light some of the most pressing issues across the globe who are involved with distributing aid to Europe’s many refugees, and joined them on their way to Calais’s refugee camp, dubbed ‘The Jungle’.


Inside Calais’s Refugee Jungle (2015) 
a UNILAD film

Directed, Shot & Edited by Marko Randelovic

In association with The Worldwide Tribe